Industrial facilities

The Hidromont Montage GmbH possesses all established welding certificates for steel and stainless steel. Thus, the company is your competent partner for the construction and maintenance of industrial facilities. We employ qualified and certified metalworkers, construction workers and welders.

Benefit from our sophisticated and applied expertise during every phase of your project ranging from delivery and installation to service and maintenance. The Hidromont Montage GmbH offers complete solutions for the construction of your facilities. Our palette of offers ranges from the installation of high-pressure pipelines or cooling water supplies for power plants to the construction of gas reduction devices or oil facilities. We are specialized in the installation of power plant components, heat exchange systems and district heating pipelines of any type. Thus, the Hidromont Montage GmbH is an important partner for industries such as the metalurgic industry, the paper and pulp industries and the chemical and petrochemical industries.